Moisson Partners Inc, was founded 23 year years ago as a retained executive search firm. The Empathetic Buyer™Process is in many ways, a derivative of the comprehensive process we employed to surface, vet, and bring to client firms senior executives for such firms as Fidelity, CIGNA and numerous institutional investment firms both large and middle sized, in the first decade of our existence. About a dozen years ago, we decided to focus on assisting Advisory firms grow using the inorganic strategies of merger, acquisition, and succession planning. Today, we still perform executive search for those same advisory firms to include C-suite executives, (CEO, COO, CIO, etc,) and of course successors. Ultimately, our work is the most satisfying when we assist our clients in the acquisition of appropriate talent to address their most challenging situations. By commitment to our process, we have been successful in harvesting our clients’ most valuable commodity for almost 24 years.

Our Premise

We work from the premise that any candidate can look good and interview well. This is especially true of sales and marketing candidates. In sports, any team can win a game, but only consistent performers become champions. The same is true in industry. It is our job to determine if there is compelling evidence that a candidate will accomplish our client’s objectives and on the targeted timetable. This is the heart of performance-based recruiting.

Positions / Situations

  • Executives at Broker Dealers and RIAs including President/CEOs, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Investment Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, and Sales and Marketing Officers.

  • Heads of Distribution for Institutional Firms

  • Marketing and Sales Executives for Advisory Firms looking to create distribution through wholesaling and national accounts.

  • Portfolio Managers and Analysts

Search Process

Executive Performance Profile, EPP

Our process begins with a detailed discussion with you to learn what you look for in an executive. It is of paramount importance for us to understand the situation and market you want to address. We want to know what you want the person to accomplish and on what timetable; also, the type of individual that will fit in with the rest of your team, your firm, and your clients. We develop the EPP, which outlines exactly what you expect the newly hired executive to accomplish. This becomes the standard by which we judge candidates. The search process from this point forward is an exercise in looking for the person who can best fulfill the client’s objectives, as outlined on the EPP. Most firms look at background and accomplishments. We look closely at a candidate’s accomplishments to see how he/she achieved them and if that methodology transfers to the job at hand. Is there substance behind the talk? Instead of experienced-based recruiting, we employ performance-based recruiting.


We identify the potential universe of candidates. As a boutique firm with almost 20 years’ experience, we have numerous relationships on which to draw, but we do not stop there. We employ a combination of original research, personal relationships, public information, and prior searches. In addition, market research is conducted to assist the client in compensation expectations, as well as the level of experience and achievement desired. There is no mining of databases done here, but rather one-on-one conversations with each candidate and contact. 

Surfacing the Initial Candidates

From the identified universe, we begin to target those candidates with the demonstrated achievement desired. Benchmark candidates are presented to allow for client feedback. We encourage appropriate candidates to explore the opportunity to address the client’s situation. It is fair to say that we at times “sell” a candidate on taking a closer look, always taking care to be open and upfront about the opportunity and its challenges.


Our access to good candidates is very important, but even talented candidates need to be vetted against the EPP standards. This is by far the most time intensive and the most critical of the steps in the process. We continue an approach, which really begins during the research phase, of performance-based recruiting. It is during this period that we check the professional background of the candidates who hold the most promise. We spend hours, either on the telephone, in person, or both, probing to get at their core competencies and motivation. Proof of performance is required and professional references are called, but it is not enough to look at the surface. We look for motivation, energy and enthusiasm, coupled with commitment and discipline. We seek those who perform in difficult situations, and who learn from their mistakes. We investigate their business ethics and personal integrity.  We employ standard testing through our relationship with Directional Insight International,( There are many fine psychometric testing services; we have employed them all. We find this one to be the most helpful in predicting performance in an executive. In sales and marketing executives, we search for candidates who are “better than the product” they are currently selling. In all candidates, we want talent, in search of a challenge.

Presentation of Finalists

We present the top candidates to our client/partners, providing them with comprehensive background on each of our selections. We present honest appraisals of candidates, rather than selling them to our clients, but if we are unable to defend our choices, we cannot in good conscience present them. We owe the client the strengths and shortcomings of each candidate at this point. It is our charge to be both consultant and confidant as the client decides who best fits the needs of his/her firm. We set meetings, prepare clients and candidates, debrief all parties after meetings and assist in the preparation of offers. 


We take pride in the fact that in almost 22 years, we have had only 1 formal offer for a salaried position refused, and we have had only 1 counteroffer accepted by a candidate from his current company. It is our job to negotiate before it ever gets to the formal offer stage. The groundwork begins back in the research phase, and continues throughout the process. We want everyone’s eyes wide open; communication is one critical key to success, as is transparency.


After the offer has been accepted, we work with both the client and candidate to insure a smooth transition. We stay in touch with the new hire for at least a year to help identify problems and concerns that come up in the early stages of employment.

Each search assignment brings a new challenge. We make adjustments to assist our client/partners in feeling comfortable with their decisions. Even our fee structure is designed to share the incentive to succeed with our clients.