Moisson Partners Inc.'s Consulting Services are designed to...

  • Attract sellers or buyers, depending on your desires.

  • Prepare your firm for a sale or acquisition.

  • Guide buyers and sellers through the buy-sell process to an amicable Close.

  • Design and execute accretive Succession Plans.

  • Design and install compensation plans.

  • Create Accountability plans for staff and partners

  • Engage high level advisors.


Unique to Moisson Partners Inc is the fact that we work with the owners of advisory firms to create growth, continuity and succession plans. Growth strategies can be organic, adding producing advisors, and /or through acquisition or merger. Continuity and succession plans are executed by engaging the successors to affect an internal buy out of owners' interest. Many times, this involves working with the owners to change or tweak the way they manage staff; even to the point of adjusting the status of advisors from independent contractors to employees.

Our approach is very personal and high touch. Many of our clients want someone to "hold their hand" through the process and to be there at every step of the way, as opposed to simply delivering a report and recommendations. It is our willingness and ability to deliver this level of service that separates us from the larger, less focused consulting firms. We also execute the plans through our acquisition and executive search services; another unique characteristic of MPI.

For example, during the Process of an acquisition, consulting activities include, but are not limited to:

·      Data collection

·      Due Diligence

·      Analysis of the book’s value

·      Developing a relationship with the seller

·      Negotiations with seller

·      Setting and attending meetings with buyer and seller, (travel expense paid by the client)

·      Writing the Letter of Intent

·      Presenting the Letter of Intent

·      Back and forth with buyer and seller to find common ground in order to develop the                     provisions of the Definitive Agreement which will be signed at the Close

·      Keeping the seller on track

·      At time working with the buyer’s attorney

·      If the seller will stay on for any length of time, (preferable as it helps the transition percentage),         developing the Consulting Agreement for the seller to stay on.

·      Employment Agreements if any of the seller’s staff or advisors will join the buyer.

·      Attending the Closing

·      Development of the Transition strategy

Our consultants' background working in the industry, combined with 22 years of interviewing advisors and other professionals has resulted in a unique perspective from which to identify and apply the best practices of the most successful firms and individual contributors. 

In addition to creating plans, firms have hired us to consult on creating...

A profitable business, from a practice

Leadership training programs for advisors

Compensation plans

Ownership programs for the recruiting and retention of key employees and advisors

Marketing strategies and plans

Client segmentaion programs to determine how to identify the most profitable client types and the programs to attract more of those